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Hillsdale Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer Center

jungle ninjas!  boys only class                                                                           age 3 yrs & up. 

This is also a 55 minute class, structured for 3-5 year old beginner, and 7-10 year olds for intermediate. It’s the perfect transition for our kindergym program to our boy’s recreational classes where full-sized men’s equipment is used and mini routines are taught. We continue to emphasize beginning gymnastic skills geared toward the boy’s learning curve and attention level and as always we keep the FUN in class with theme weeks like Mighty Minions, Pirates, and Spiderman Week just to name a few.

gymnastics classes

Pre Team - level 8 ~ tuesday & thursday

Pre-team and Level 3-8 USA Sanctioned Gymnastics By invitation only. Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Developmental 1 ~  7 yrs & up. ~ Monday or Wednesday

This is also a 55 minute class, structured for 7 years and up. It’s the perfect transition for our kinder-gym program to our recreational classes where full sized equipment is used and mini routines are taught. We continue to emphasize beginning gymnastic skills geared toward the children’s learning curve and attention level and as always we keep the FUN in class with theme weeks.  All gymnastics apparatus is used in this course.


Moms and dads not needed. This 55 minute class, designed for preschoolers emphasizes fun through more physically challenging obstacles such as swinging, climbing, balancing, jumping, and rolling, loco- motion in different directions, and weight transfer on and off equipment. It introduces the fundamentals of gymnastics through the use of modified gymnastics equipment, while building coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and self-esteem in an atmosphere of fun and perpetual motion.

kindergym 5 -6 Yrs. ~ Monday or Wednesday.                                               Call  437-2426  for availability

This 55 minute class, structured for 5 –6 year olds, continues to teach through physically challenging the kindergarten student which build strong bodies and sharper minds. We start to emphasize beginning gym- nastic skills geared toward the children’s learning curve and attention level. We keep the FUN in class with our special themes like Sponge Bob Gym Pants, Hooray for Handstands, Fire Prevention Week, Val Pals, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Country Christmas Ho Down, and many more.  

Preschool 3 1/2 Yrs. ~ Monday or Wednesday

Allowing for the 3 1/2 - 5 year olds’ greater attention span, this longer class continues to focus on improving perceptual motor skills, locomotor skills, and overall kinesthetic and spatial awareness. The curriculum further emphasizes the teaching of basic gymnastics skills on Olympic apparatus and introduces children to our  preschool gymnastics program. The children attend classes on their own with the instructor as the primary model and guide. Our preschool program consists of 3 progressive levels of gymnastics skills. New students enter into level 1. After successfully completing the level 1 skills, the child will receive a certificate of accomplishment and advance to level 2. It usually takes a full term to accomplish this. Included in this program is a skill poster students take home and use to chart their progress. When a skill is successfully completed, the child will be awarded a star that can be taken home and placed on their chart.

Diaper Dynamos- Age  1 - 3  1/2  Yrs. ~

Wednesday 6:00-6:45

This class emphasizes the development of coordination and large motor skills as well as strength, flexibility, balance, and self-confidence. This class setting encourages the bond between parent and child. In addition, children are being prepared to attend class alone by introducing them to the concepts of gymnastics positions, hand-eye coordination and taking turns. Through the use of music and games, the class encourages both movement education and creative expression. The parents’ role in this 45 minute class is one of support and security

registration fee & tuition


REGISTRATION FEE ONE-TIME registration fee of $50 per child on all students at the beginning of the first semester. ($25 for 2nd and 3rd child is free, not to exceed $75 per family) Fee is prorated after September.

MONTHLY TUITION & LATE FEES All Tuition is due prior to the first class of each month. (I know I know…this is new for you veterans but you can’t walk into Starbucks and get a coffee without paying up front.) A late fee of $12 will be posted to all past due accounts on the 8th of each month. A $30 fee is charged on all returned checks.

SAVE BIG WITH AUTO DEBIT:  Auto debit  will save you $10 per month.  Tuition is $50 per month for a one hour class IF you enroll in the auto debit program.  If you choose to write a check or pay cash, the rate is $60.  We have to pay for bookkeeping too...and we have not raised tuition in over 20 years. Call or text Jill at 517-320-5384 for family rates.

BENEFITs of our program

Children’s self-confidence grows as their physical fitness level rises. Hillsdale Gymnastics & Dance Centers’ unique approach of cooperative, class-directed instruction creates the ideal environment for enhancing children’s development. Our classes positively affect children in many ways including physical coordination, agility, endurance, strength, balance, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills..

 The most important ingredient in our program is FUN. Kids will gladly join an activity that is really fun. Our fitness exercises are combined with fun activities and challenges.     Gymnastics develops the child’s body and mind. We know that you are keenly aware of your child’s need for developing self confidence and physical health. Even with limited motor skills, the young child realizes that he or she just achieved something special after completing that first cartwheel, back walkover, or somersault. The child’s delight in that skill now propels them to achieve again and again.     An added benefit for the child going into team sports is an early knowledge and use of gymnastics. These skills will greatly enhance the young athlete’s ability to contribute while playing any sport. Simply put, there isn’t any better way than gymnastics to build strong and flexible bodies and alert minds.